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  • Dutch design
  • Practical and ingenious models
  • High quality
  • Choice of 12 knobs and handles
  • Fast delivery, 3-4 weeks
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About us


The power of Alta Furniture
Alta furniture is made of powerful, warm and versatile Scandinavian pine wood. You yourself choose the design of your home interior from a wide range of styles, colours and fittings types. With a choice of 3 colours and 12 types of fittings, the possibilities are endless.

Alta furniture is made of powerful, warm and versatile Scandinavian pine wood. This is a coniferous wood of high quality with the right character. It is carefully selected to create durable and solid pieces of furniture. It is an even-coloured type of wood, contrary to the comparable pinewood. The external characteristics of solid pine wood are its grain, knots and small resin ducts. For a beautiful covering colour, Alta uses hardwood together with MDF because these wood types have fewer knots and produce a closed surface. But it retains the specific character of the solid wood.

Alta furniture complies amply with the applicable European standards for cots (EN-716) and raised beds (EN-747). No protruding and sharp parts, no noxious paints. The bedsteads are fitted with robust bars spaced at child-proof intervals. This prevents body parts form getting trapped. With its three-level adjustable-height base, the bedstead keeps up with your child's development and prevents your child from falling out of the bed.

You can recognise our furniture from the 'Alta' logo. All drawers are constructed using sturdy dovetail joints throughout. Together with the solid parts (with the exception of drawer bottoms and rear wall) this makes Alta furniture into high-quality furniture with power!

Alta furniture is produced from the best selected solid alder, pine or MDF, which produces a living product. The exterior characteristics are slight variations in colour and grain. Solid wood responds to changes in humidity and temperature. Cracks and seams may work - but this does not reduce the value of the product - and because this cannot be avoided in solid wood, we cannot treat this as a complaint. Avoid sudden changes in temperature and do not place the furniture too close to heat sources or in direct sunlight.

Delivery period
Our delivery period for bespoke furniture is 6-8 weeks. In some exceptional cases we may be able to deliver within 6 weeks, and in such cases we wil inform you of the delivery period.

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